mental health

mental health

Kids with Depression Aren't Getting the Help They Need

The WHO estimates that depression is the main cause of illness for teenagers. Yet many healthcare professionals still don't know how to treat it.
Rebecca Baden
gun debate

What Is the Relationship Between Gun Ownership and Mental Health?

Our new series 'Maybe I'm Wrong' wants to spur meaningful conversation around the gun debate.
Krishna Andavolu
Living With It

This Is What it's Like to Have the World's Most Deadly Eating Disorder

For one teen, the turning point came when her heart stopped beating for half a minute.
Amy Mackinnon

Panic Attacks Aren't the Same for Everyone

In movies, the character who's having a panic attack clutches at his chest, gasps for air and then breathes into a paper bag to calm himself. But that's never been my experience.
Sarah Watts
mental health

This Is What Your Brain and Body Do When You Hang Out With Animals

Here’s everything we know about how pets affect your mood.
Nick Keppler

All the News You Need to Read This Morning

Apparently millennials don't like potatoes because they're "unhealthy" and not "trendy".
VICE Staff
Life Inside

The Inmate I Took Under My Wing Didn't Survive Prison

I failed to realise that staying out of trouble is as much about mental health as it is about physical safety.
Kimberly Davoren as told to Mustafa Z. Mirza
mental health

How Can You Treat Someone Who Doesn't Think They're Mentally Ill?

Laws are being passed that make it possible to compel people to receive treatment for health problems they don’t believe they have.
Carrie Arnold

We Asked People How They Deal With Summer Depression

"The sun is a tyrant. It's a big, flaming ball of 'should'."
Carson Kessler
mental health

The Surprisingly Positive Effects of Being a Pessimist

Author and professor Eugene Thacker tells us about how pessimism can be a form of self-help.
Zachary Siegel
mental illness

PTSD, Suicide and Despair: The Silent Perils of Being a Firefighter

The most dangerous part of the job can come when firefighters are off the clock.
Cole Kazdin

All the News You Need to Read This Morning

Single white men more likely to die of drug misuse, study finds.
VICE Staff