mental health

mental health

What It's Like to Be Diagnosed With Depression at Eight Years Old

"In year 4, getting up each day was a battle for me and my parents. I began finding it difficult to walk. I started getting excruciating headaches."
Kieron Passaway
a day ago
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

Eight Ways to Improve Men's Mental Health in the UK

There are no easy answers, but a recent east London charity event laid out options to make ill health feel less overwhelming.
Nick Levine
mental health

How to Deal with Feeling Overwhelmed By Bad Climate Change News

We spoke to a psychoanalyst about how not to get swallowed by dread or give up hope completely.
Joe Sandler Clarke
mental health

Why You Should Stop Trying to Please Everyone, By Me, an Autistic Woman

I feel zero obligation to party when I want to stay home, or keep my mouth shut when I want to speak. And I wouldn't have it any other way.
Madeleine Ryan

'Us' Is a Complex Metaphor for Black Mental Health

Jordan Peele's horror noire hit reflects what's beneath the surface of the black experience.
Aaron Barksdale

Brexit Has Got So Bad, You Can Now See a Brexit Therapist

Meet Dr Emmy Van Deurzen, an existential psychotherapist.
VICE Staff

Depictions of Mental Health On TV Have a Class Problem

While shows like 'Fleabag' successfully reckon with the psychological and existential crises facing young people today, they fail to acknowledge the financial one.
Emma Garland
mental health

This Mental Health Worker Is Using Tarot Cards to Help Her Twitter Followers

Jessica Dore's approach combines card pulling with behavioural therapy information to educate people on mental health.
Hannah Ewens

The Reality TV Industry Needs to Provide Proper Aftercare

The tragic death of 'Love Island' participant Mike Thalassitis once again raises questions about support for reality TV stars.
Lauren O'Neill
mental health

How Do You Know When to Quit Therapy?

When I imagined finishing therapy it was always with a sense of capability and optimism, but what I got instead was the overwhelming feeling that I was giving up.
Emma Garland
Can This Save Us?

I Tried Alternative Therapies to See If They Could Help Me

In an age of anxiety, wellness trends are booming – could isolation tanks and gong baths hold an answer?
Hannah Ewens

How to Get Rid of the 'High-Conflict Personalities' That Ruin Politics

According to a new book, the people who love power are the exact people who absolutely should not have any power.
Justin Caffier