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9 hours ago

'Dopamine Fasting' Is the Newest 'Sounds Fake, but OK' Wellness Trend

If everyone in Silicon Valley was taking a day-long vow of silence and forgoing fun, would you do it too?

a day ago

Why Your Anxiety Always Feels Worse at Night

There's something about the hours between midnight and 5AM that send people's most anxious thoughts into overdrive.


Ellen and Science Confirm: Rich People Only Care About Themselves

Ellen and Bush don’t really make the strangest of bedfellows, and we have the studies to prove it.


The Weirdest Things Therapists Have Made Us Do for Our Mental Health

“I had to paint my cheeks bright red and walk around Sainsbury’s.”


The Freshers Week Mental Health Pitfalls No One Talks About

Starting university is a huge transition – and for students and recent graduates like these, it can create issues we don't discuss enough.


Universities Must Confront the Student Mental Health Crisis

Medical professionals, charity workers and other experts share practical ways that universities should change to benefit student health.


Exclusive: Uni Student Drop Outs Due to Mental Health Are Up 1,000%

Of the worryingly small number of universities that did record this information, withdrawals have risen 1084 percent in four years.


Thousands of Prisoners Are Stuck in Endless Limbo in British Jails

Long after its abolition, the discredited IPP sentence still means thousands are stuck in prison indefinitely.


Anxious People Also Get Anxious From Relaxing

There's a name for these feelings: relaxation-induced anxiety.


10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a 'Death Coach'

"I have everything from 18-year-olds to 80-year-olds, honestly. Being afraid of death is pretty universal."


Every Decision You’ll Come to Regret During Freshers Week

No, you don't need to drop a week's rent on a wristband for FUN events that mostly involve wearing identical, branded T-shirts.


'Dimension Jumping' Says You Can Improve Your Life with These Simple Rituals

An online subculture claims it's discovered the route into alternate states of reality, where you can get the job you want and live a more fulfilled existence.