New Cross


The Tradition of Art Students Doing Weird-Ass Shit is Alive and Well in New Cross

In the peak era of depressing statistics about UK nightlife, it can be easy to forget about the truly brilliant and unparallelled music scenes that are still thriving despite the odds.


A Love Letter to Venue, the Best Club I've Never Been To

In praise of the SE London institution that we bet you've never been to either.


London's Last Sex Cinema Is Set to Close

Goodnight, sweet prince.


From Peckham to Plumstead: An Anthology of South London Photographers' Work

A new exhibition captures south London life through the eyes of its inhabitants.


I Spent 20 Hours On the Same London Bus

Wasted drug dealers, teenage moped gangs and suicidal Romanians – you see a lot of things on the 453.


A Pint and a Wank: The Men Using South London's Porn Cinema as a Special Kind of Social Club

"Men who drink together and wank together – they're closer, like."


I Went to the South London Sex Cinema and Made Some Weird New Friends

Including an Italian banker who seemed wired and insisted on showing me his homemade porn videos.


The VICE Guide to London 2014

How to have the best time in what is, in some ways, the worst city in the world.