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4 days ago

The Sneaky Ways 'X Factor' Producers Manipulate Us

Often, before a contestant even sees the judges, their life has been mined for a sellable narrative over pure talent.


Faces at the Front: Meeting Mega-Fans at a Tyler, the Creator Gig

Introducing our new series 'Faces at the Front', where we chat with the mega-fans who queue for hours to get on the barrier. This time: IGOR.


'Charli' Is Next Level Indeed – And That's a Good Thing

On her long-awaited third album, Charli XCX does pop stardom her way.


How Musicians Re-Adjust to Public Life After Time in Prison

The headlines pass, and critics move on, but artists like Blackpool grime's Afghan Dan have to navigate life anew in the public eye.


A Suitably Witchy Tarot Reading with Pop Star Kim Petras

The first card the pop musician drew was 'Death'. Panic ensued.


Melanie C Wants Us All to Be Trans Allies

She's gone from the Spice Girls reunion to touring with drag artists Sink the Pink – now she's pushing for gender and sexuality acceptance, too.


Octavian Has No Time for Fear

The rapper, Noisey UK's first digital cover star, opens up about the reality behind his much-hyped backstory so far.


Introducing Scam Rap, Where Card Fraud and ID Theft Reign Supreme

Like Atlanta and lean, or LA and weed, Detroit's new strain of rap has its own set of signifiers: bank account drops, Bitcoin and fraud.


SL, Tropical Drill’s Teen Mastermind, Is Just Getting Started

The London rapper can pull in millions of views on a video where you don't see his face. But his laid-back flow speaks volumes.


We’re Giving Away Tickets to Skepta's Sold-Out Warehouse Project Night

Skepta Presents, in association with Noisey, is one of loads of events in Manchester's months-long WHP season. Get in.


Roll Up: Our Ace Hotel London Rooftop Party Lands this Sunday

We'll have KEYAH/BLU, Vibbar and more playing live sets, plus Solange-aoke and sneak peeks of new VICE films. See you then.


Brian Eno Reflects on His 'Apollo' Album in a New Documentary

The producer chats about his landmark moon landing-inspired 1983 album and it's 2019 re-release.