Save Yourselves

One Night in Central London with Extinction Rebellion

A timeline of what it's like to spend the evening with climate protestors willing to get arrested for their cause.
Patrick Heardman
4 days ago
Julian Assange

This is Just the Beginning for Julian Assange

The U.S. could be trying to bring additional charges against the WikiLeaks founder.
David Gilbert
Greg Walters

Canadian Family Drove for Two Days with Dad’s Corpse to Avoid American Healthcare

Police discovered the body early on Sunday morning at a Quebec border crossing, and the family reportedly said they kept their dad in the vehicle to avoid the American healthcare system.
Mack Lamoureux
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Stoner Broke into a Vacant House to Get High and Ran into a Giant Tiger

But the police just thought they were hallucinating.
River Donaghey

Uncovering the Golden Age of Britain’s Drug Smuggling Trade

A new book lifts the lid on past smugglers, corrupt cops and undercover hard men – and says the game is almost up for authorities now.
Max Daly

Fatal Police Shooting of Unarmed British Man Sparks Criticism from Officers

Following the killing of Sean Fitzgerald at the beginning of January, VICE spoke to current and former police officers about the police's use of firearms in the UK.
Mattha Busby
क se Crime

10 Questions for a Man Who Can Legally Kill Someone

"What does it feel like?"
Parthshri Arora

You Can Make £70,000 by Reporting Porn to the Police in China

The government recently doubled the bounty for pornbusters who snitch on people publishing illicit content.
Gavin Butler

Undercover Police On the Most Dangerous Situation They've Been in

"Are you guys cops?" he asked. "If you are…" he added, touching my forehead with his two fingers, imitating a gun. "Pop! Pop!"
Nick Chester
true crime

These Dirty Cops Framed Random Black People to Pad Crime Stats

"What happened here is so horrific, it strikes at the core of injustice."
Francisco Alvarado

Watch: Our Documentary About London's Knife Crime Epidemic

In the wake of multiple knife-related murders in the UK's capital, activist and ex-gang member Josh Osbourne takes an in-depth look at the "code of silence".
VICE Staff

Do Young People Need 'Zero Tolerance' For the Behaviour That Leads to Knife Crime?

In the new VICE film 'On a Knife Edge', we explore the 'code of silence' that perpetuates London's deadly knife crime crisis.
Josh Osbourne