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Oi to the World! We're Throwing a Punk Christmas Party

We'll be taking over the Old Blue Last again on December 18 for the fourth instalment of Noisey's "noisy music" night featuring Personal Best, Muncie Girls and more.


Want Another "Punk In Love" Night? You Got it

We'll be taking over the Old Blue Last again on October 2 for the third instalment of Noisey's "noisy music" night.


Those American Football Reunion Shows Proved Adolescence is a Bigger Trip Second Time Round

We all went anticipating heartbreak, but it was less tears in beers and more like a big family reunion.


Skinny Girl Diet: "Riot Grrrl Was a Movement, Not a Fashion Fad"

Skinny Girl Diet grew up under the influence of all the punk and riot grrrl bands that preceded them, but have the genres become all style over substance?


Rolo Tomassi Have Been Subverting the Conventions of Heavy Music for a Decade, Largely Unnoticed

Eva Spence may be out the front, emptying her lungs to thousands of people, but she's maintained a low profile since joining the band at just 14 years-old.


We Got Gnarwolves To Review Some Classic Punk Bangers

This band know catchy melodies and good times. So we called up their bassist Charlie and got his thoughts on some Distillers, Black Flag, and Green Day classics.


We Spoke to Justin Pearson About the State of Modern Punk, Not Being Lazy, and Andrew WK

He’s published books, trolled Jerry Springer and basically been on tour for 24 years. Remove Justin Pearson from punk and there would be a massive gap where history should be.


In Romanticising Riot Grrrl, We’ve Forgotten the Women of UK Punk That Paved The Way

Bands like Bikini Kill have been credited for inspiring a new generation of creative women, but X-Ray Spex and The Slits provided me with an outlet for all the frustrations I felt as a girl growing up in Britain.


Modern Baseball’s Guide to British Food

The American pop punk band deconstruct prawn cocktail and write a eulogy for Nando's.


Punk Has Shamelessly Ignored Women, But Is It the Only Place Men Can Get Emotional?

When so little important conversation is had between young men, loud, angry music is one of the few arenas in which they are afforded rare moments of weakness in their lyrics.


Is There a Place Left for Punk, Emo and Hardcore in 2015's UK Music Landscape?

When the alternative festival circuit is increasingly reliant on American and throwback bands to fill their big slots, where does that leave the UK's relationship with heavy music?