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The Problem with Eating Like a Refugee for a Week

Humanitarian charity Concern Worldwide's "Ration Challenge" asks fundraisers to spend a week eating the supply packs provided to refugees. But does it undermine the scale of the crisis?
Ruby Lott-Lavigna

The Objects That Remind Refugees of Home

"I was afraid of also losing my culture, but something as small as a rug has helped me to hang on to a part of it.​"
Sona Boker

How Migrants Helped to Rejuvenate a Struggling Town

A few years ago, the Sicilian town of Sutera found a renewed sense of purpose after it started welcoming migrant families. Now, Italy's anti-immigration policies are threatening this new balance.
Cosimo Bizzarri
refugee crisis

Smugglers Are Stealing Fishing Boats to Ferry Migrants Across the Channel

Brexit might be encouraging them to take more risks.
Timothée Vinchon
Sophie Bourlet

Why Fashion Can be Vital for Refugees

"I think that if you're badly dressed, everyone sees you as just another refugee."
Anna Topaloff
refugee crisis

Photographs of Daily Life in an Overcrowded Refugee Camp

About 1,500 people live in the Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. One of them documented his life there for a month.
Melpomeni Maragkidou
refugee crisis

Child Refugees Are Being Abused By European Border Officials

A report by Doctors Without Borders details the mistreatment of refugees along the Balkan Route.
Kostas Koukoumakas

This Old VICE Article About the Refugee Crisis Is Now a Play

Writer Henry C. Krempels once found a woman occupying his bunk on a train from Milan to Paris. He first turned her story into an article and now into a play, titled 'The Sleeper'.
Rose Lewenstein
Be Good

So Solid Crew Are Playing a London Gig Raising Money for Refugees

Faze Miyake, Footsie and more are also down to play the Dance for Hope party on Friday 11 August.
Noisey UK Staff
refugee crisis

The Greek Hotel Where Tourists and Refugees Sleep Under One Roof

Over the past year, 274 of the most vulnerable refugees on the island of Samos have been accommodated by the aptly named Paradise Hotel.
Melina Sidiropoulou

This Course Helps Refugee Cooks Become Food Entrepreneurs

London-based social enterprise Stories On Our Plate teaches refugees, former refugees, and asylum seekers cooking techniques, as well as the practical skills needed to run a food business.
Daisy Meager
refugee crisis

Tales of Horror and Heroism from the Syrian Civil War

Read a crushing excerpt from ‘We Crossed a Bridge and It Trembled,’ a new book of oral histories compiled by Wendy Pearlman.
Wendy Pearlman