To Hell And Back

Halloween Is for Heavy Metal Lovers

Whether you're gore-obsessed or looking to haunt a London dungeon, Halloween belongs to the heshers (also, check out new tunes from Without, Northumbria, Integrity, Druj, and more!).
Kim Kelly

Meet the Pagans Who Spend Halloween Baking Bread

Pagans in the English town of Glastonbury celebrate Samhain—a festival marking the start of winter—with mead, storytelling, and ancient bread recipes.
Michael Segalov

Why Apple Bobbing Is Actually a Female Fertility Ritual

Apple-bobbing is more than just a watery Halloween game. Throughout history, it has been the dominion of witches, sex, love, and women—an act of enchantment rather than simple pomaceous fondling.
Nell Frizzell
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Bake This Samhain Bread Instead of Eating Halloween Sweets

Samhain is the pagan celebration of the final harvest before winter sets in. And if you're going to harvest, you've got to make your goods into some lovely, fluffy carbs so that you don't get too drunk on mead and sleep through all the partying.
Munchies Staff

Evil Irish Turnips Were the Original Jack-O'-Lanterns

Before pumpkins, turnips were the spooky lantern vegetable of choice—all because this guy Jack skipped out on his bar bill and messed with the Devil.
David Whelan

We Spoke to a Druid About the Occult History of Apple-Bobbing

The practice of cutting open an apple to reveal that most potent symbol within— that of the pentagram—is still carried on today, particularly at Samhain and Halloween.
Nick Rose
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Make This Witch-Approved Pumpkin Chicken Soup Tonight

Laurie Cabot, the official witch of Salem, serves this simple chicken soup on Samhain (from a festive pumpkin, no less).
Munchies Staff

Skeletons in the Closet: An Interview with Glenn Danzig

Ahead of the release of his new covers album, Evil Elvis opens up about longevity, the blues, and Christina Ricci.
Jonathan Dick
The Talking Issue

A Wiccan

Here's an interview with a godless pagan in which we discuss Satan's birthday, resurrecting the dead, and drinking the blood of babies.
Rocco Castoro; Photos: Dana Goldstein