solitary confinement


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Why I'm Voluntarily Going into Solitary Confinement

Starting today, I plan to voluntarily spend 30 days in solitary confinement in the La Paz County Jail in Parker, Arizona. It won't be my first time in the hole, though.


New York City Is Finally Done Sending Teens to Solitary

Punitive segregation—a.k.a. solitary confinement—is history for all inmates 21 or younger in America's largest city.


The Woman Who Turned 410 Days of Solitary in Iran into a Play

Sarah Shourd did 410 days in solitary after famously getting arrested hiking in Iran. But putting total isolation on the stage wasn't easy.


After Two Years in Solitary, This Mother’s Healing Has Just Begun

"I'm talking to you, and I'm alive, but physically, spiritually, mentally—I died."


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Ted Conover discusses how little has changed in the 15 years since he infiltrated Sing Sing in order to write a book about the prison system.


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We talked to leaders and activists spearheading prison reform to find out what we can do to fix our broken penal system.


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After a prisoner hunger strike and a lawsuit, the authorities will no longer be able to throw inmates in solitary just for allegedly belonging to a gang.