Street Food

Street Food

Inside NYC's Street Vendors' Fight to Survive

"Right now, the way the laws are enforced is sporadic and unfair and it doesn’t work for anyone."
Diana Hubbell

This Designer Is Using Streetwear to Get People Hyped About Laotian Food

Salong Namsa's new brand Laos Supply strikes a chord with Laotian youth who want to rep their culture and cuisine through clothes.
Natalie B. Compton

Smooshed Potato and Egg (Yeralma Yumurta)

This popular Iranian street food is the perfect afternoon snack or easy breakfast.
Naz Deravian
Street Food

We Tried the £6 Singaporean Ramen That Almost Won a Michelin Star

Silky char siu pork, crispy wontons, and umami noodles. Singapore's Noodle Story serves high-tier street food.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
Los Angeles

This Los Angeles Food Truck Isn't Afraid to Call Itself 'Woke'

The Woke Truck is run by a polyamorous, multiracial trio, and teaches history alongside the fusion food it sells.
Esther Tseng

The Street Food at the Mexican Border Is Fire

Rather than dwell on barely moving traffic and the loss of all personal property, we spent our last 300 pesos on four delicious courses.
Rebecca Holland

A Food Truck in Cardiff Is Welcoming Refugees to Wales

Badina was forced to flee Albania after losing her family in the war. She arrived in Cardiff with no connections and little employment opportunity—then she found Oasis Cardiff.
Angela Hui

Cheesy Dumplings Are English-Asian Fusion Done Right

When Radhika Mohendas and Jollyon Carter started a food stall selling East Asian dumplings in the small Dorset town of Bridport, they knew they’d have to get creative with ingredients.
Radhika Mohendas

No One Hustles Harder Than Jamaica’s Roadside Food Shack Owners

Faced with expensive building materials and prohibitive business loan costs, food entrepreneurs in Jamaica set up makeshift restaurants on the side of roads and home driveways.
Riaz Phillips

Some of Tahiti's Best Food Is Served Out of Trucks

The menus reflect the mashup of cultures that have shaped the cuisine of the islands: Chinese stir-fries and Thai-style curries, Polynesian fresh and cured fish dishes, globalised pizza, and French classics.
Betsy Andrews
Street Food

We Talked to People Queuing for the World's Only Michelin-Starred Street Food Stall

Singapore's Hawker Chan is selling its famous chicken and rice dish at a three-day pop-up in London this week
Ruby Lott-Lavigna

A Brief Guide to Fan Tuan, the Delicious Rice Rolls of Taiwan

The best Taiwanese breakfast is oblong, stuffed with any number of tasty things, and wrapped with hot sticky rice.
Clarissa Wei