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Turkey's Brutal Offensive Is Already a Disaster for the Kurds, a US Ally

Beyond the rising death toll, the assault has sparked a mass exodus of civilians, with at least 70,000 people having fled border towns.


Greece and Turkey Are Playing Dangerous War Games on the Aegean Sea

"It seems to me at times that whenever a top official from Turkey makes a statement, it is a statement that involves talk of war."


Life in the Last Capital City Still Split by a Border Zone

For decades, a hard border has divided Greek Cyprus and Turkish Cyprus, through Nicosia. One photographer spoke to those on both sides.


Trump Campaign's Ad Showing 'Real' American Workers Actually Uses Foreign Stock Photos

The MAGA team used Turkish stock photos of a bearded hipster and a Japanese coffee shop instead of finding "real" Americans to appear in its ads.


The Group that Owns Salt Bae's Steakhouse Chain Is in Serious Financial Trouble

Salt Bae is the chef and face of Nusr-Et Steakhouse, but the restaurant chain is owned by a holding group with $2.5 billion of debt.


Cheesy Turkey Party Sliders Recipe

Bake your turkey sandwich. You won't be mad about it, we promise.


18 Christmas Recipes Because Face It, Not All of Your Family's Classics Were Good

Maybe it's time to start some holiday traditions of your own.


Don't Question Bread Sauce, Just Bask in Its Beige Glory

There’s something comfortingly British about bread sauce. Not only is it exclusive to the UK, but its bland meh-ness seems core to our culinary tradition.


This Pub Is Serving Free Turkey Dinners to Anyone Spending Christmas Alone

“Free turkey dinner & a pint on Christmas day for anyone who is on their own. No strings, catches or nonsense.”


What's with All the 'How to Take Your Turkey on a Plane' Articles?

Who is actually trying to take an entire turkey on a plane? And why?


The Jamal Khashoggi Murder Saga Is Just Getting Started

If Saudi Arabia thought it might silence (execute) a critic without much fuss, it was wrong.