It’s Not You, ‘Dota’, It’s Me: Why I’ve Finally Quit My MOBA Habit

We had our good times, Troll Warlords and all, but you were turning me into a toxic monster.
Jake Tucker

‘Half-Life 2: Episode One’ and Its Decade-Long Struggle with Confidence and Identity

Now ten years old, Half-Life 2's first expansion shows us that by trying to be like films, games can only suffer.
Ed Smith
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What Can Virtual Reality Gaming Learn From the Death of Kinect?

Microsoft's downfallen motion-sensitive device and Oculus Rift have more in common than you may think.
Edwin Evans-Thirlwell
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I Pretended to Be a Scientist Named Gordon Freeman and Asked a Psychic About ‘Half-Life 3’

From which we can conclude that the game is out in 2020, is set on Xen, and will feature micro-transactions.
Joe Donnelly
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It Was Once the Biggest eSport In the World, So What’s Happened to ‘StarCraft’?

Blizzard's RTS title has slipped from the headlines as MOBAs have become dominant in the eSports scene.
Matt Porter
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Video Gaming’s Tricky History of Fan Remakes

As Capcom confirms its 'Resident Evil 2' remake, what does that mean for the fans making their own version of the beloved horror game?
Jake Kivanc
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eMatch-Fixing: Why Poverty and Chaos is Driving Pro-Gamers to Risk Everything

When pro-players gain the fame but not the fortune, it's easy for their heads to be turned by rigging matches.
Gareth Platt
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The Greatest Video Game Ever Might Never Be Made

Come on, Valve – stop messing about and give us Half-Life 3.
Brad Barrett, Illustrations: Billy Mather

Revolutions In Gaming At CES: What We'd Like To See More Of From The Console Powerhouses

Reflections on the first unveilings from Las Vegas.
Abdullah Saeed

10 Iconic Movie Scenes Recreated In Video Games Using Valve's Source Filmmaker

Well, at least most of them are movie scenes. Some of them are just ridiculous.
Abdullah Saeed

Valve's Source Filmmaker Merges The Creation Of Films And Games

New project from Valve, Source Filmmaker is an animation and film editing tool that allows users to become film makers inside the game.
Jonathan Poritsky