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I Pretended to Be a Young Joseph Stalin On Tinder, and It Went Weirdly Well

Hot people seem to get away with anything on dating apps. But does that rule still apply when those people are dictators?
Paul Schwenn

My Childhood Was the Real Life Version of Netflix's 'Sex Education'

"When I was 14, my dad came to my school to give a guest lecture on venereal diseases and safe sex."
Laura Antonia

I Spied on Germany's National Spy Agency

Because someone had to.
Matern Boeselager

I Was Banned from Watching My Football Team, So Had to Find Another Way in

After receiving a three-year stadium ban, Max had to come up with a clever way to watch Hamburg.
Max von Sinnen

Two Brothers Have Been Sentenced to Life for Selling Weed

We spoke to the men about their 20-minute trial and why they were hit with such a huge sentence.
Tim Geyer

I Tried Renting Out My Hallway Cupboard for £350

The housing market is so bad that it made me wonder: how bad does a room have to be to actually put people off?
Paul Schwenn

Porn Stars Talk About the Last Time They Were Heartbroken

"She wasn't OK with me making porn, even though she's a porn actress. Obviously, that hurts. I've been watching a lot of films that we used to watch together, like 'P.S. I Love You'."
Rebecca Baden
Laura Binder
horror stories

How Working in Retail Taught Me to Hate Humanity

"This woman ripped the changing room curtain open and then just watched as her toddler puked up his lunch. She took one of the shirts hanging over her arm, cleaned the kid's face off and held it out to me."
Juli Katt
24 Hours

24 Hours in Berlin's Red Light District

52-year-old sex worker Rafaela showed me around the stuffy cafés, dark corners and special characters of the Kurfürstenstraße.
Christina Hertel
10 Questions

10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Border Official

"I once found a dildo that was as long as my forearm in an old lady's house. At first, I thought it was a baseball bat."
Helen Knack

A Day With a Homeless Family

In May, Alva and her three kids were kicked out of their home. Now, they're part of the group of 37,000 homeless people in emergency accommodation in Berlin.
Christina Hertel
university guide 2018

What It's Like Being a Child Genius at University

Bastian Eichenberger was 14 when he enrolled, Vittorio Hösle was 17. They were child prodigies, but looking back, was going to uni at such a young age a good idea?
Baran Datli