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3 days ago

When I Was 6, My Dad Almost Killed Our Entire Family

On our way home from a holiday, he accidentally plunged us all into a ravine. I asked him about it now, more than 15 years later.


Even Though Climate Scientists Are Scared, Here's Why You Should Be Hopeful

We spoke to a UN youth rep about harnessing our emotions in the fight for the planet.


The Human Causes of the World's Crippling Megafires

I went to northern Russia, where a group of volunteer firefighters showed me how they combat the huge blazes threatening our planet.


A Night with the Couple Who've Been Having Sex on Stage for the Past 16 Years

They perform multiple times a night on a spinning stage in front of hecklers, Lads on Tour and kissing tourists.


The Blood-Stained Reality of Being a Crime-Scene Cleaner

"After someone has been decomposing for five months, there's not that much for the police to remove. This man had turned into soup."


This Toy Store Handed Out a Million Fidget Spinners for Free

Thousands of kids turned up at a parking lot to pick one up.


How the Netherlands Nearly Banned Tourists from Buying Weed

Should tourists in the Netherlands be allowed to buy weed?


The Town Where Migrants Saved the Nightlife

Bars and clubs in rural areas in the Netherlands were closing, until young Polish migrant workers arrived – ready to work and party.


What Thousands of Protesters Storming a Coal Mine Looks Like

Around 60,000 people took part in a weekend of climate action, occupying the world's largest brown coal mine.


'Classic Dads' Could Die Out with Our Generation

Do I have it in me to purposefully embarrass my children in front of their boyfriends and girlfriends? I'm not so sure.


The Objects That Remind Refugees of Home

"I was afraid of also losing my culture, but something as small as a rug has helped me to hang on to a part of it.​"


A Tour of the Last Wanking Booths in the Netherlands

A few sex shops still sell porn DVDs and rent out tiny rooms for customers to get off in.