What Games Do You Watch More Than You Play?

The rise of streaming culture has introduced brand-new ways to enjoy and appreciate games.

Jul 6 2017, 2:00pm

Image courtesy of DrDisrespectLive

As much as I enjoy dying in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, it's been a blast to stream with Austin every day for the past month or so. It's also revealed something I've suspected for a while, but the reality of which only dawned on me recently: people can get obsessed with a game they're never going to actually play.

I'll gladly make the argument Battlegrounds is, on its own, an excellent game. But I can absolutely see how someone would shrug at the prospect of joining murder island, while spending hours staring at a livestream watching others try their own hands at all the murdering.

This is especially true for games that disproportionately benefit from entertaining hosts. Battlegrounds is one. Though I don't actively watch any streamers myself, I've often found myself losing 20 minutes combing through DrDisRespect clips:

I suspect lots of people have games like this, where they've invested enough time watching on stream to become pseudo-experts, while never picking up a controller. What's yours? Tell us over on the Waypoint forums.

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