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The Hottest Game to Play This Summer is Festival Bingo

More fun and games for festival land.

by THUMP Staff
Jul 16 2014, 8:40pm

Festivals are a blast, but we all know that even within a few hours at a single stage, you can hear the same track more than once. Not to mention, the loop from stage to beer to next stage to bathroom to first stage becomes kind of like a game of Monopoly by the end of the day. But don't let the game run you. It's time for you to control all festival-related activities. This one's called Festival Bingo. Step one: print out this little card and take it with you to the next festival. Step two: like real bingo, just cross off the song when you hear it. Step three: compete with your friends. There you have it, three simple steps to stay entertained far beyond the classic anthem rotations. You're welcome.

Porter Robinson, "Sea of Voices"
"Lionhearted," the third single from young gun Porter Robinson's hotly-anticipated forthcoming album Worlds is getting some radio action, but we're still addicted to the very first taste he offered up last spring. "Sea Of Voices" is mostly ambient and definitely the least DJ-friendly track he's made to date, but the bevy of remixes means it'll create some unexpected and epic rave moments.

Deadmau5, "Seeya"
The latest sample from Deadmau5's latest LP arrived in the form of "Seeya," a rugged disco beat with a  walking bassline. If you hear Colleen D'Agostino's saccharine vocals, go ahead and cross this square out. Half points go to anyone who spots a DJ who Mr. Mau5 has beefed with on Twitter.

Sam Smith singing anything
These days, it basically boils down to one simple fact: there's every other song in the world, and then there's "Latch." But beyond Disclosure's saucy instrumental, it's Sam Smith's undulating vocals that transport us to another world. Lucky for us, he's just released his own nearly-as-perfect album ripe for remixes. We're betting you'll hear this soulful British voice nonstop over in festival land. Oh, and la la la la la.

Cazzette, "Sleepless"
Bubbling house tunes from the likes of Oliver Heldens and Cazzette are sure to heat up the dance floor this post-Disclosure summer. On "Sleepless," Cazzette's fresh four-on-the-floor bomb, vocoder vocals are spread over the top of scrobbling synth notes.

Martin Garrix, "Animals"
Like a turtle, this song will never die.

A remix of Ellie Goulding
"Burn" is totally outdated and over, but Goulding is still one of dance music's favorite indie darlings. You can also cross off this square if you see a girl who looks and dresses like Ellie Goulding at a festival.

Lorde "Tennis Court (Flume Remix)"
The Down Under dream team nearly broke the internet when they unveiled their collaboration last month. Lorde's voice is tucked between pockets of silence and huge boom-baps on Flume's remix of "Tennis Courts," which hits the sweet spot between pop princess and face-melting bass heads.

DJ Snake & Lil Jon "Turn Down For What"
DJ Snake's breakout jam has already torn up every college party and stadium bash to happen in the last six months, and we can only imagine the mayhem continuing into the summer. We won't be mad to hear this at every festival and every show from now until September. It is the most catastrophic banger of the year.

A DJ throwing food into the crowd
Steve Aoki's cake-throwing habit is growing into a full-blown trend. He's already inspired DJ duo Crizzly to tie slices of pizza to helium balloons and let them loose over the crowd's heads—no one's really mad about that one though. Main stage kingpin Tiësto is certainly getting a kick out of it

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