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How a Lost Wedding Ring Reappeared on a Carrot

Sometimes, hope and love come in the form of a carrot.

by Nick Rose
Nov 10 2016, 12:00am

Photo via WDR Facebook.

Hey, world! Need some good news? Half of America sure does. How about some good food-related news to get your mind off of whatever the hell just happened in the US last night? How about a story about love and hope?

Sometimes, hope and love come in the form of a carrot.

Three years ago, an 82-year-old man from the town of Bad Muenstereifel lost his golden wedding band. Rather than scold him, as you might expect from an elderly couple, his wife reassured him that the ring would reappear. Sadly, she died not long after making that prediction, but she has now been posthumously vindicated, as the ring did indeed reappear—wrapped around a carrot.

According to German public broadcaster WDR, the vegetable discovery came days after the couple's 50th wedding anniversary. Based on our forensic analysis, it's safe to assume that the loss occurred while the man was gardening and that the golden ring landed fatefully atop a carrot seed.

"Clearly, you reap what you sow," the lucky gardener told WDR. He put love into his garden and the carrots reciprocated.

But not all food-related wedding ring losses are resolved so beautifully and symbolically. Just last week, a Canadian woman—also a widow—lost her wedding ring while she was handing out candies on Halloween. That ring has yet to be recovered, but if this carrot story has taught us anything, it's that hope and love can triumph over loss.