Japanese 'Gravity Rush 2' Commercial is Weird, Funny, Touching

Because we all know that cats secretly want to fly.
January 14, 2017, 7:00pm

I'm not usually in the business of promoting video game commercials, but this is a worthy exception. Gravity Rush 2, which comes out next week and you should play it because it's great, takes itself both incredibly seriously, inspiring stereotypical Japanese anime-style melodrama, and with great levity, explaining why the world doesn't seem to blink at your ability to fly. This commercial takes that striking balance and humorously brings it into the real world—with cats, of course.

There's a real joyfulness to the commercial, especially that moment where she tries to grab water from the faucet and gravity has seemingly lost its mind, that put a smile on my face.  And heck, calling it a commercial sells it short; it's basically a short film inspired by the series with some footage for Gravity Rush 2 at the end.

Since it's the weekend and I already have you, we might as well watch a few other oddities from history, like this disturbing commercial for the PlayStation 3 with a howling baby, which may as well be a clip from a new James Wan horror film.

Or how about this series of commercials for The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, which takes the game's morbid setup—a moon slowly but surely crashing into the planet—and presents a docu-style look at how humanity would grapple with the same fate. There's a moment where, during a call-in show, a woman on the verge of tears says she loves her mother and misses her father. What the hell, Nintendo?

I need to lie down now.