How Far Have You Gone To Ensure You Could Keep Playing a Game?

Dragging a PC across state lines might be in the cards, to ensure murder continuity.

by Patrick Klepek
Jun 29 2017, 2:00pm

Image courtesy of Bluehole

Like many people, I'll be headed out of town for the coming holiday weekend. We're not going very far, which means everybody's junk is being piled into the car. Right now, it's looking like we'll be gone about four days. That's four days where, as it stands, I won't have a chance to play any PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Despite dumping dozens of hours into the game, I've still got the chicken fever, and that fever is making me think I should dismantle my PC and bring it with me.

Look, babies take naps! Right now, Jessica's naps are anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours, which is plenty of time to sneak in a few rounds of murder. Of course, the place we're going doesn't have anywhere convenient to put my machine and the Internet isn't very good, but the idea of being away from my precious UMP9 for more than a few days has me nervous.

It wouldn't be the first time I've done something over the top to sneak in time with a game. While working at Giant Bomb, I was playing a bunch of random games ahead of our year-end discussions. One of them Bayonetta 2, which grabbed me in a way I didn't expect. An hour or two with Bayonetta 2 wouldn't be enough for me to make a coherent argument during the podcasts we were set to record, nor could I honestly justify putting it in my top ten. That's how this happened:

Yes, that's a Wii U shoved into the seat pocket of an American Airlines flight. At the time, more flights were getting equipped with power outlets, so I gambled mine would have one nearby. Jackpot! It was a little unwieldy to get everything together—the Wii U console had to loudly live underneath my feet, and eventually I was forced to ask permission to use another outlet for GamePad charging—but as I whisked across the country, I played and beat Bayonetta 2.

(It ended up being my game of the year, narrowly eeking out P.T.)

What I'm saying is that I'm willing to put into the work to awkwardly play games, and that just might mean unplugging a bunch of cables and monitors so that I can get my murder on. What kinds of things have you done to ensure you could keep playing a game that's grabbed you?

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