Photo by Jacqueline Ventura

Who Needs Ice Cream When You Have Cantaloupe and Citrus Sorbet?

Can't wait for summer? You can almost taste it with this citrusy sorbet.

May 8 2017, 7:00pm

Photo by Jacqueline Ventura

Summer is around the corner.

So is the freedom to bust out that pair of bespoke short-shorts you found on Etsy—you know, the ones made entirely from discarded serapes that washed up on the shores of Malta. The changing of seasons means it's once again time to gorge yourself on an endless cornucopia of citrusy, fruity foods.

To that end, we present quite possibly the easiest sorbet recipe ever created. This cantaloupe and citrus sorbet is almost certainly the physical manifestation of summer, and it doesn't even require any sort of machinery to make.

Just throw a mixture of pink grapefruit juice, blood orange juice, cantaloupe, coconut water, coconut milk, and some freshly squeezed lemon and lime into a ziplock bag filled with ice and shake for dear life.

RECIPE: Cantaloupe and Citrus Sorbet

Plus, you can always just use the unfrozen sorbet mixture as the base for a killer cocktail.