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Gomichela Recipe

Refreshing, flavorful, and served with gummy bears.

by Munchies Staff
Oct 23 2017, 1:00pm

Servings: 1
Prep time: 5 minutes
Total time: 5 minutes


½ cup liquid Chamoy
2 limes
½ tablespoon Miguelito powder
½ tablespoon Tajín
10 gummy bears
1 liter beer
2 slices fresh orange


1. Frost the rim of the glass with the Chamoy. Submerge it in the liquid or use a spoon so the excess won't overflow. Dip it in a bit of tajin, if you like.

2. Cut in half both limes and squeeze them inside the glass.

3. Add the Tajin and Miguelito, then the gummy bears.

4. Slowly pour the beer onto the glass, making sure not to produce excessive foam.

5. Finally, garnish the rim with more gummy bears and two slices of fresh orange.