beer cocktail

  • Gomichela Recipe

    Refreshing, flavorful, and served with gummy bears.

  • Lunch Box Recipe

    This punch has got orange juice in it, so you could probably drink it for breakfast if you really wanted.

  • Bloody Maria Recipe

    This is a tribute to Bloody Mary, but with a twist that no Bloody has in the world: bacon-infused mezcal. It also has roasted tomato juice and celery bitters for an extra fresh taste.

  • LA Is Now Home to the World’s First Marijuana Michelada

    Known as the Dabchelada and made with 200 milligrams of shatter per serving, it may have just revolutionized the world of crossfading as we all know it. Oh, what a time to be alive.

  • Smoked Mexican Shandy Recipe

    Screw weed and nasty bong water. This Mexican-inspired beer cocktail may be a little tedious to make—all you need is a clean bong—but the end product will go down easy.