This Diner Offers a "Dictator Obama" Special and an "Anti Michelle Obama" Burger

Consisting of just two eggs and toast, the "Dictator Obama" special costs just $3.59… but with $27.99 tacked on in tax. And the Anti-Michelle-Obama burger is a clear jab at her campaign to end childhood obesity.

Mar 13 2016, 2:00pm

Photo via Flickr user Clara Alim

There doesn't seem to be much widespread protest when restaurants offer bologna-stuffed sandwiches emblazoned with Donald Trump's name—or, conversely, revoke his once-kitschy name from a decadent burger due to his presidential campaign. (At this point, he's still just a candidate, and a notoriously controversial one, at that.)

But one diner in a small town in upstate New York has other ideas about what represents a presidential meal. And it's not looking good for President Obama and the FLOTUS when it comes to their eponymous dishes.

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At American Diner in Liverpool, NY, there are rules. We're not talking "no shoes, no shirt, no service"; no, this low-key spot for breakfast and lunch is more of the flag-flying persuasion. Bringing in your gun is "encouraged" (as long as you have a legal carry permit), and the staff would appreciate it if you would pray or say grace before your meal. Members of the US military and the NRA get a discount.

Needless to say, the vibe skews a bit politically conservative. And that applies to the menu as well.

The diner recently came to the attention of the media due to a couple of its offerings: First and foremost, its "Dictator Obama/NYS Special (King Cuomo)" has certainly raised a few eyebrows. Consisting of just two eggs and toast, the special costs just $3.59… but with $27.99 tacked on in tax.

In Onondaga County, where Liverpool is located, the standard sales tax rate is 8 percent, so presumably the dish's purpose is more to make a statement than to actually sell. But the anti-Obama fun doesn't stop there.

Further down the menu, among American Diner's many specialty burgers, you'll find the "Anti Michelle Obama, Don't Tell Me What to Eat or Feed My Kids Burger" (not making this up). For $11.99, you get a whopping 16-ounce beef stack with bacon, cheese, peppers, onion, mushrooms, and fries. The burger is clearly a jab at Michelle Obama's Let's Move! campaign, created to combat childhood obesity. "You Eat It All, Everything, Have a Shirt or Hat On Me. No exceptions, Our Rules," the menu says… or should we say, dictates.


Probably not what the FLOTUS had in mind for combating childhood obesity. Photo via American Diner's website.

There are actually a hell of a lot of other mandates on the menu for a restaurant so interested in personal freedoms. For instance, if you don't like America, you are encouraged to (yes, in all caps) "LEAVE." (This apparently does not apply to people who think that the current US president is a dictator.) Socialists and communists also seem pretty unwelcome. Have a look for yourself at one particularly impassioned page of the menu:


A staff member at American Diner told MUNCHIES that owner-manager-chef Michael Tassone wasn't interested in commenting on the Obama-centric dishes, but a statement on the restaurant's philosophy found on its website reads: "Our families have been in the food industry as bakers and restaurateurs for over 75 years. We take pride in providing large quality portions of food at a great price… We are called the American Diner because we can agree to disagree on things. We are more than just a place to eat. This is our ministry. A place to vent... We talk religion, the Constitution, politics, family, hunting & fishing and sports, etc."

Calling the democratically elected president of the United States a dictator—comparable to, say, Kim Jong Un or Robert Mugabe—could be construed as some fightin' words.

But maybe that's the beauty of America: freedom of speech applies not just to what comes out of our mouths, but what goes on our plates.