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The Convoy

A viral video shows a terrorist promising holy war on America from inside the latest migrant caravan. It's the story of the year—and in this future, that may be all that matters.
Brian Merchant

The Year in Telling Stories About the Future

Terraform, 2018.
Brian Merchant

This Cyber Monday, Watch 'Cyber Monday' and Think About the World Beyond TV Discounts

Presenting 'Cyber Monday', a film that explores the diverse and vital world beyond the mindless holiday.
Brian Merchant
climate change

Sons of the Pre-Apocalypse

My son was born last week, right before two historic wildfires hit California—his new home state—and burned whole cities to the ground.
Brian Merchant

The Presidential Candidate Bent on Beating the Robot Apocalypse Will Give Two Americans a $1,000-per-month Basic Income

Andrew Yang is running for President on a platform of paying Americans $1,000 a month.
Brian Merchant
Social Media

Watch 'Instafamous,' an Incisive Film About the Link Between Celebrity and Click Farmers

Motherboard is pleased to debut a speculative film short about the lived realities of click farmers who prop up the social media accounts of the (supposedly) rich and (purportedly) famous.
Brian Merchant
speculative fiction

How the Best Futures Help Us Survive an Unbearable Present

The best way to remember 2017 will surely be through the stories it told about what might come after
Brian Merchant

Writing a Dystopia of Women's Oppression in the Age of Trump

An interview with Louise Erdrich, author of Future Home of the Living God.
Brian Merchant

A Terraform Story Has Been Optioned for the Big Screen

Geoff Manaugh’s tale about a modern, viral ghost story is being developed by Legendary, with the director of ‘Happy Death Day’ on board.
Brian Merchant
Manhattan Project

One of the Last Remaining Manhattan Project Scientists Has Died

And with him, perhaps, our nuclear sanity.
Brian Merchant
iPhone X

iPhone X Machina

“The future of the smartphone” is the same as it ever was. It doesn’t need reinventing, it needs interrogating.
Brian Merchant
Science Fiction

William Gibson: 'I Never Expected to Be Living in an American Retro-Future'

In his latest work, the spawner of cyberpunk has become unstuck in time and has come face to face with nuclear apocalypse.
Brian Merchant