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Can't Stop Switching From One Quarantine Hobby to the Next? You're Not Alone

I asked a sociologist why I keep developing intense, obscure obsessions, only to lose interest in one and exchange it for another.
Drew Schwartz
2 days ago

Lady A Needs to Drop Its Lawsuit Against Anita White

If they were legitimately committed to racial justice, they wouldn't have sued the Black artist who's gone by Lady A for 20 years.
Drew Schwartz

Hollywood Finally Has a Plan for Reopening—But Should It?

Film industry workers and union reps told VICE that production during the pandemic is going to be risky, expensive, and ruled by compromise.
Drew Schwartz

I Want All of Tony Soprano's Clothes So Bad

After binging 'The Sopranos,' I have way too many thoughts about the Skip's wardrobe, from his short-sleeved button-downs to The Robe.
Drew Schwartz

Artists Are Ditching Their Racially Insensitive Band Names. Who's Next?

No matter how slight a band name's connotation to slavery in America may be, now is the time to change it.
Drew Schwartz

When You Get to Hell, This Song Plays on Repeat for All Eternity

2020's worst piece of "music" is this Donald Trump reelection anthem, sung by seven disturbingly cheerful, mask-less white people.
Drew Schwartz

Major Labels Are Donating Millions for Racial Justice. That Isn't Enough

We spoke to heads of independent, Black-owned labels about how the big three need to rethink their business models to actually address racial injustice.
Drew Schwartz

Hair Salons and Nail Studios Have Reopened—So Why Can't Tattoo Shops?

Tattoo artists are trained on cross-contamination, sterilization, and disease prevention—but shops across the country remain closed while other businesses reopen.
Drew Schwartz
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The Last of New York City's Jukebox Repairmen Are Searching for Their Successors

There are only five people in New York capable of fixing antique jukeboxes. Unless they can find someone to carry on their line of work, it might go extinct.
Drew Schwartz

This Atlanta Theater Is Hosting Free, Private Screenings for Frontline Workers

The Plaza is inviting healthcare workers and their families to watch any movie they want in its 485-seat auditorium, all by themselves.
Drew Schwartz

We Asked 13 Artists How Spotify's 'Tip Jar' Is Working Out for Them

Amber Coffman, Of Montreal, and Zola Jesus gave VICE their thoughts on asking for donations on the multi-billion-dollar platform after coronavirus put them out of a job.
Emilie Friedlander
Josh Terry
Drew Schwartz

I Can't Spend Time With My Dad, but Doing Crosswords Over the Phone Helps

Working on puzzles side-by-side has always been a ritual for us. Even with quarantine keeping us apart, we found a way to hold on to it.
Drew Schwartz