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Gmail's 'Self Destruct' Feature Will Probably Be Used to Illegally Destroy Government Records

Activists have asked Google to disable the feature on government accounts.
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State of Surveillance

Oakland Proposes Strongest Anti-Surveillance Regulations in the Country

The legislation would ban the city from signing non-disclosure agreements with surveillance companies.
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Павел Дуров

Russians Take to the Streets to Protest Telegram Ban

After weeks of feuding between the Russian government and Telegram, thousands of protesters and activists flooded Moscow’s streets demanding a free internet.
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Scientists Will Photograph Alien Planets With the World’s Most Powerful Camera

A team of physicists created a 10,000 megapixel camera called DARKNESS that they hope will shed light on some of Earth's nearest neighbors.
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Russian Government Blocks Telegram, but Telegram Vows to Fight Back

The encryption debate has reached the Kremlin.
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conspiracy theories

We Met With Crisis Actor Conspiracy Theorists and the Victims They Baselessly Attack

'The Rise of the Crisis Actor Conspiracy Movement' talks to Stoneman Douglas student David Hogg and victims of the Sandy Hook and Sutherland Springs shootings.
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Watching the Facebook Hearing in VR Was a Special Kind of Dystopia

AltspaceVR offered robots and humanoids the chance to watch democracy in action from the comfort of a virtual penthouse.
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This Salad Was Grown in Antarctica

A new German greenhouse has its first harvest on the icy continent.
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Artificial Intelligence

A Startup Media Site Says AI Can Take Bias Out of News

Knowhere is using AI to aggregate news and rewrite it 'impartially.'
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Mass Surveillance Memes Show Our Collective Anxiety Over Government Spying

Surveillance memes are everywhere because it feels like surveillance is everywhere.
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Augmented Reality

Technologists Use Augmented Reality to Return Stolen Artwork

Thieves stole over $500 million worth of art from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum 28 years ago. Now, technologists are using Apple’s ARKit to bring the paintings back.
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make it stop

Hacked Retail Robots Can Assault Customers With Porn and Demand Bitcoin

IOActive researchers found that ransomware attackers could force SoftBank Robotics robots to demand money, display porn in public places and cuss out customers.
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