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conspiracy theories

Study Finds That Conspiracy Theorists Just Want to Feel Special

Like when people only listen to "underground" music, but with poisoned water supplies and space Nazis.
Scott Oliver

A Brief History of Freud's Love Affair with Cocaine

The founder of psychoanalysis had a serious blow habit.
Scott Oliver

Unwrapping the 'Cultural Marxism' Nonsense the Alt-Right Loves

You might have heard the term thrown around by figureheads of the new radical right. This is what they're talking about and why they're wrong.
Scott Oliver
thump exclusive stream

Take a Long, Hard and Exclusive Look at Red Rack'em's New LP 'Self Portrait'

Stream the "Wonky Bassline Disco Bange​r" producer's latest album in full right here.
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nottingham panthers

Puck City: The Enduring Success of Ice Hockey in Nottingham

Having enjoyed a sustained run of success on the rink, Nottingham Panthers can this season boast an average crowd of almost 6,000. The team and their home city are among British ice hockey's leading lights.
Scott Oliver
club culture

Drugs, Raving, Football: The Short Life of My Techno Sunday League Team

How Inter Avinit's combination of ketamine and hoofed clearances was "a Channel 4 commissioning editor's wet dream."
Scott Oliver

​The Ecstasy and the Agony: The Brief History of Cyprus Rugby

The arrival of international rugby on Cyprus was a happy by-product of an unhappy history. But despite embarking on a record-breaking winning streak, their dreams of qualifying for the World Cup were dashed by off-pitch bureaucracy.
Scott Oliver
chance meetings on trains to nottingham

I Met the Man Who Sells Replica Champions League Trophies for a Living

A VICE Sports contributor finds himself in a chance conversation with Darren – if that is his real name – a burly Mancunian who sells replica European Cup trophies for a living.
Scott Oliver

​Catching Up with Malaysia’s Renegade Sex Bloggers

In 2013, Vivian Lee and Alvin Tan—a.k.a. "Alvivi"—were arrested after spreading antiauthoritarian messages and homemade porn online. Two years later the now-separated duo are still making waves on social media.
Scott Oliver

Talking UK Hip-Hop, Weed Psychosis, and Shane Meadows with British MC Scorzayzee

After 20 years of dealing with substance abuse and schizophrenia, the Nottingham rapper is finally about to release his first album.
Scott Oliver

The Next Time You Try to Quit Smoking Will Be Harder Than the Last

Trust me: I'm a three-time "successful" giver-upper.
Scott Oliver

Could Malaysia's New Wave of Bold Student Activists Be on the Verge of an Uprising?

Progressive forces are growing impatient with the government's increasingly desperate cling to power.
Scott Oliver