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climate change

The American Coalition Resisting Trump at the Climate Talks In Poland

While White House representatives promote coal and other fossil fuels at COP 24 talks in Poland, “We Are Still In,” a coalition that includes more than 3,600 representatives from all 50 states, remains committed to supporting the Paris Agreement.
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scorched earth

Planet at Risk of Heading Towards Apocalyptic, Irreversible ‘Hothouse Earth’ State

We only have 10-20 years to fix this.
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Every Canadian Unknowingly Gives $100 a Year to Big Oil, Study Reveals

And that’s before the Trudeau government blew $4.5 billion on the Trans Mountain pipeline.
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climate change

Climate Impacts of the Kinder Morgan Pipeline Could Cost Up to $8.7 Billion

There are real costs associated with releasing more CO2 into the atmosphere. Here, we crunched some numbers.
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living with jaguars

Trump’s Border Wall Would Condemn US Jaguars to Extinction

“A viable jaguar population could be reestablished in the US, but not if the wall is built.”
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climate change

This Interactive Tool Lets People See How Climate Change Will Screw Up Their Towns

Canadians can now explore the impacts of climate change where they are, and see what's being done about it.
Stephen Leahy

More Than 75 Percent of Earth’s Land Areas Are ‘Broken,’ Major Report Finds

Once-productive lands have become deserts, are polluted, or deforested, putting 3.2 billion people at risk.
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bottled water

We Keep Buying Bottled Water Because We Fear Death

Ads for bottled water make it seem safer and purer than normal tap water, researchers say.
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One Fracking Well Can Suck Up 250,000 Bathtubs' Worth of Water in Less Than a Week

A new study examines the impact of fracking on streams in Arkansas.
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climate change

Scientists Urge Justin Trudeau to Step Up and Fund Climate Research

250 scientists from around the world signed an open letter about a “crisis looming” in Canadian climate research.
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cold enough for ya?

Freezing Your Ass Off Is Also a Symptom of Climate Change

The connection between a melting Arctic and frigid temperatures on the East Coast.
Stephen Leahy

It’s Way Too Hard to Buy an Electric Car in Canada

Buying an EV in Canada is five times harder than in the US, a new report finds.
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