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Best of 2016

Best Vocalist: Kai Proved 2016 Belonged to Female Voices

Unlikely pop hits sung and propelled by women this year testify to how powerful EDM still is for launching stars.
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thump news

Detroit Police Target Street Artist Shepard Fairey

One would think the blighted city had better things to do than charge artists with felonies.
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deep dives

There is No Place for Hate in Dance Music

Tanner Ross, Ten Walls, and more have us looking closely at our community.
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A Bad Review of Jamie xx Prompts DJ Tanner Ross to Send Homophobic Tweets to a Resident Advisor Writer

Has this guy heard what happened to Ten Walls?
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Los Angeles

Underworld’s Karl Hyde Loves That America Loves Dance Music

The band continues its 'dubnobasswithmyheadman' anniversary tour this week.
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Trending Now

From Girl Group to the Club, Dawn Richard is now D∆WN

The former Danity Kane singer drops a new tune with a new alias tailor-made for the dancefloor.
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Disclosure Announces Sophomore Album Named for a Wild Cat, ‘Caracal’

Confirming the news during their own Wild Life Festival in Brighton, England, the duo also unveils two major US shows this fall.
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miike snow

Galantis is Ready for a Power Move with Debut Album

'Pharmacy' could be the tipping point for the duo of hitmakers.
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Festival Season!

Mutek Montreal 2015: The Island of Art, Intellectualism, and Techno

The wonder of a festival like this is that it exists at all.
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Electronic Music Industry Now Worth Close to $7 Billion Amid Slowing Growth

The annual report from IMS shows flatlining record sales and moderate gains in streaming while the live sector holds steady.
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Festival Season!

Take a First Look at a Very Colorful Mysteryland 2015

It's more than just hippie vibes this weekend at the site of the original Woodstock.
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Festival Season!

That Study About Festivals and Drug Use Is Bullshit (But the Media Still Bought It)

Bad science and shady motives are behind a study that perpetuates age-old stereotypes about festivals and drugs.
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