Beautiful, Never-Before-Seen Photos of New York City's 1977 Pride March

Shortly after coming out, photographer Meryl Meisler attended and shot her first Pride march. She never looked at the pictures until now.
Meryl Meisler
Throwback Thursday

Blackout At Home: When The Lights Went Out At Shea Stadium In 1977

40 years ago Thursday, the lights went out in New York and the city was plunged into 25 hours of chaos. Here's what that was like at Shea Stadium.
Patrick Sauer
Remembering Things

Teen Sweat and Puke, Drugs and Dressing in Drag: How Ash Wrote Their Debut LP '1977'

The band celebrate their debut's 20th anniversary with a '1977' tour, plus they tell us about all the debauchery that went into making their still incredible number one album.
Cam Lindsay
Please Kill Me

The Time Patti Smith Broke My Heart

The legendary Punk magazine editor Legs McNeil talks about the time he tried to interview his friend Patti Smith for the classic book Please Kill Me.
Legs McNeil
Rank Your Records

Rank Your Records: Tim Wheeler Ranks Ash's Eight Albums

Ash's new record—'Kablammo!'—is a return to their roots, so we made singer Tim run through the band's back catalogue.
Cam Lindsay

The Rezillos’ First Album in Nearly 40 Years is Scientific Proof that Punk Doesn’t Ever Die

Listen to a new song from the Edinburgh punk legends and Ramones tourmates.

Julien Temple Filmed the Breakout of British Punk

And he's just released a new documentary featuring never-before-seen footage from the Clash's 1977 New Year's Day show.
Amelia Abraham

The Pagans' Last Stand: An Interview with The Cleveland Punk Legends Who Never Made It

The spirit of '77 is alive and well on the first Pagans release in nearly twenty-five years.