Tom Steyer’s Facebook Money Bomb Worked — the Billionaire Is About to Qualify for the Democratic Debates

Steyer has dropped nearly $2.9 million on Facebook ads alone in the last month, according to Facebook’s ad archive.
Cameron Joseph
David Uberti
5 days ago

Democrats Have Never Been This Unified On Gun Control. That Could Change Everything.

In 2008 and 2012, Democrats barely talked about guns. In 2016, it was a minor issue. Now it’s at the center of the national discussion.
Cameron Joseph
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This Is the Guy Democrats Need to Impress at the Iowa State Fair

We Went to the Iowa State Fair with Iowa's Most Influential Democrat
Liz Landers
Broadband Land

Elizabeth Warren Promises to Kill State Laws That Ban Locally-Owned ISPs

26 states have passed protectionist laws preventing your town or city from building its own broadband network.
Karl Bode

Beto Flipped Out About Trump's Racism to the Press: “What the Fuck?”

“It’s these questions that you know the answers to, I mean, connect the dots."
Kelly Vinett

Joe Biden Is Coming for Your Legal Weed

The former VP and 2020 candidate's plan for cannabis is the industry's worst nightmare: It could blow up the system across the country.
Chris Roberts

Democrats Had a Debate and Nobody Said "Abortion." Not Once.

Abortion rights activists weren’t pleased the issue got virtually no airtime.
Carter Sherman
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Seattle Is Handing Out Money to Candidates. Would it Work Nationwide?

Seattle's trying to Make Running for Office Cheaper
Kristin Fraser
Dexter Thomas
democratic debate

Tulsi Gabbard Dominated Search on Google a Week After Suing Google for Censorship

The 2020 Democrat has an outsized online following that includes pro-Trump trolls.
David Uberti
joe biden

A College Kid Is Using Biden's Text Code to Raise Money for Pete Buttigieg

“Go to Joe30330,” Biden said at the end of the debate. And Joshua Fayer jumped into action.
Trone Dowd

Nine Legit Interesting Moments in a Very Personal Democratic Debate

Biden still seemed old. But people actually attacked Obama, for a change.
Alex Norcia
democratic debate

Charles Barkley Is in the Democratic Debate Spin Room and He Has Opinions

Charles Barkley isn't sure President Trump's a racist, but he does know "he's got a little anger management problem."
Daniel Newhauser
Elizabeth Landers