4 days ago

Atatiana Jefferson Was Holding a Gun When She Was Shot by Cops in Her Own Home

A police officer has been charged with murder after shooting Jefferson through a window.

5 days ago

Texas Cop Who Shot Black Woman in Her Home Has Resigned

“Had the officer not resigned, I would have fired him,” said Fort Worth Police Chief Edwin Kraus on Monday.


Police Alerted a SWAT Team to the Odessa Shooter Back in 2011

The gunman's mother told the police eight years ago that her son was talking about dying in a shootout and had threatened to kill her.


Trump’s Remain in Mexico Policy Is Causing Asylum-Seekers to Miss Court Dates — and Get Deported

Migrants have to brave crime-ridden cities, hours of travel, and crossing the border to make it to asylum hearings.


HBCU Students Told Us What They Want to Hear From Democrats Tonight

Students at Texas Southern University are looking for the Democrats' plans on college debt, guns, immigration, and "change."


What We Lost When We Lost Daniel Johnston

The songwriter brought outsider sensibilities into his music, childlike weirdness into his art, and an earnestness that we desperately needed into the world at large.


Walmart Asked Gun Owners to Stop Carrying Guns in Their Stores. This Group Is Defying Them.

They say Walmart's request is just an attempt to "get the gun haters to leave them alone.”


Austin Just Gave Texas Law the Finger and Voted to Fund Abortion Access

In a red state long hostile to abortion rights, this is believed to be a first-of-its-kind program for any U.S. city.


Texas' Governor Didn't Even Mention Guns in His New 8-Point Executive Order to Combat Mass Shootings

It's only a few days since Gov. Abbott said, “I’m tired of the dying.”


Viral Video Shows Mouse Jumping Into a Whataburger Fryer

An attempt to catch a mouse at the Bastrop, Texas burger chain went very, very wrong.


The Odessa Shooter Was Fired From His Trucking Job Just Hours Before Rampage

He left behind a limited digital footprint, but neighbors say he was a "loner" who threatened them and liked to shoot animals from his roof.


Death Toll in Odessa Climbs to 7 as Toddler Shot in the Mouth Undergoes Surgery

Texas Governor Greg Abbot calls for "solutions" while also "ensuring we safeguard Second Amendment rights.”