The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

America names and shames some Russians but holds off on new sanctions, Republicans vote to release memo critical of FBI, North Korea scraps pre-Olympics event with the South, and more.
VICE Staff

The VICE Morning Bulletin

The fatal police shooting of Alton Sterling sparks protests in Louisiana, a new Iraq war report criticizes Tony Blair's role, Snoop Dogg will headline the Democratic National Convention concert, and more.
VICE Staff
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Eclair Fifi to Oversee New LuckyMe Reissue Series

The scheduled remixers for the first reissue include Aden and Air Max 97.
Britt Julious
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Islamic State Attack Kills at Least 40 Military Recruits in Yemen

The conflict in Yemen is a dire, tangled mess, with IS, al-Qaeda, government troops backed by United Arab Emirates, and a Saudi-led coalition backed by the US all mounting regular attacks.
Reuters and VICE News
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17 Soldiers Captured and Executed by al-Qaeda 'Gang' in Yemen

The soldiers had been visiting family in Aden and were returning to their base when they were kidnapped and killed by firing squad by suspected al-Qaeda militants.
Reuters and VICE News
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Al Qaeda Has Seized Another City and Now Controls a Swath of Southern Yemen

Dozens of al Qaeda fighters have taken control of Ahwar, a strategic coastal city in Yemen that links two areas already seized by the militant group.
Reuters and VICE News
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Islamic State Claims Car Bomb Attack That Killed Governor of Aden in Yemen

A suicide bomber reportedly rammed his vehicle into a convoy, killing the governor of the key Yemeni port city and at least six members of his entourage.
Reuters News Agency

In Drought-Battered Somaliland, Climate Change Is Deadly Serious

A multi-year drought is killing off animals in the Horn of Africa, making life hell for the livestock herders who depend on them.
Amanda Sperber

Videos Show Attacks on Aden Hotel Housing Yemeni Government

The Qasr hotel has been the base of the government of Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi since its return from exile in Riyadh over recent weeks and the expulsion of Houthi fighters in July.
Reuters and VICE News
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This Network of Merchants Is Helping Refugees Flee the Horrors of Yemen

As a Saudi-led naval blockade has slowed the flow of humanitarian aid into Yemen to a trickle, desperate people packed aboard cattle boats are being ferried by the hundreds to Somalia.
Sam Kimball
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Leaked UN Email on Yemen Shows Difficulty of Negotiations — and Fears Over Al Qaeda's Growing Presence

VICE News obtained a leaked note that casts new light on negotiations to end Yemen's brutal war. The UN has now said it is “disturbed” by the leak but did not question the authenticity of the email itself.
Samuel Oakford
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Saudi Arabia Blamed for Friendly Fire Incidents and Civilian Deaths in Yemen

A Saudi-led airstrike reportedly killed seven fighters loyal to Yemen’s ousted president on Tuesday, an incident that coincided with a UN report about mounting civilian casualties.