The U.S. Military Killed Dozens of Civilians While Trying to Bomb Meth Labs, U.N. Alleges

According to a new U.N. report, a United States counternarcotics operation against alleged Afghan drug labs caused multiple child casualties. The U.S. has denied the report.


Plant-Based Meth Is the Next Frontier of Afghanistan's Drug Trade

Investigators have uncovered a burgeoning local trade in the production of methamphetamine using a mountain shrub.


The Taliban Made Sure Afghans Were Too Terrified to Vote on Election Day

“The Taliban told people you’ll be killed or have your fingers cut off”


Hours After Killing 48 People in Bombings, the Taliban Says It Wants to Restart Peace Talks

President Trump called off the talks earlier this month after an attack killed a U.S. soldier.


Behind the U.S.'s Bogus War on Taliban Drug Labs

America has spent tens of millions of dollars blowing up heroin and meth labs in Afghanistan. Except many of them are just huts.


Trump Just Blew Up a Peace Deal With the Taliban Because They Wouldn't Let Him Take All The Credit

The fate of more than 5,000 U.S. troops who were going to come home from America's longest war is now unclear.


The U.S. Deal With the Taliban Already Looks Like a Disaster

As the U.S.'s top negotiator went on Kabul TV to announce a troop withdrawal deal, the Taliban was preparing a suicide bombing that killed 16 and wounded 100.


This Is the Border Where Polio Still Thrives

While the world has nearly won the battle against polio, the viral disease continues to elude health workers in the porous space between Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Inside Afghanistan's Desperate Battle to Control a Dam in Taliban Country

The only way in or out is by helicopter.


"American Taliban" John Walker Lindh Is Getting Out of Prison Today. He Still Might Be Radicalized.

A 2017 report said he “continued to advocate for global jihad and to write and translate violent extremist texts"


Afghan interpreters are terrified about a possible U.S. deal with the Taliban

Some former Afghan interpreters have come to live in the U.S. and they’re worried about the peace talks with the Taliban


ICE may have screwed up by deporting a dead soldier’s spouse

The man was dropped in Nogales, Mexico, and was living at a shelter for deported migrants