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Greenhouse Gases

Feeding Cows Space Food Could Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Scientists want to bring back an environmentally friendly food source NASA tested on its astronauts in the 1960s: bacteria. Germs never tasted so good.
Mirjam Guesgen

This Pop-Up Had Me Eating Like an Animal from a Trough

When we eat, we are really eating the food that our food eats. That’s how I ended up at a dinner where I ate a salt lick, hay, and a bunch of grass.
Alex Swerdloff
Gm os

The EU Remains at Odds with Its Members Over the Safety of GM Food

The great GMO debate rages on as the EU shuts down draft legislature that would allow individual European nations to ban the use of GM food or animal feed.
Munchies Staff

The US Is the World's Largest Producer of Corn, So Why Are We Importing More?

Because of its reliance on genetically modified crops, the world's largest producer of corn has been forced to import organic, non-GMO corn from other countries.
Munchies Staff

Meat May Be Murder, But Tofu Is Too

In Brazil, land is being cleared at an alarming rate to plant every vegetarian's favorite crop: Soy.
Lauren Rothman

Animal Feed Made from Maggots Might Save the World

Most factory farm animals are raised on soy and fishmeal, but a UK outfit is trying to change that with a sustainable and easy-growing source of protein: maggots.
Gareth May

You're Probably Drinking Cannibal Cow Milk

Modern dairy farmers use every tool at their disposal to increase milk yields, and that includes feeding tallow to their herds. That's right: Cows are eating cows, and you're drinking the delicious product of cannibalism.
Mark Fahey