Animal trafficking


Komodo Island Is Closing Because People Keep Stealing Its Dragons

Tourists will be banned from visiting the Indonesian island as of January 2020.


How the Inspiration for a Pokémon Became the Most Trafficked Mammal on Earth

The host of the most recent episode of Black Market: Dispatches dives deeper into the illicit pangolin trade.


It’s Basically Legal for Mexican Narcos to Buy Lions, Cheetahs, and Other Exotic Pets

Many exotic animals can be obtained legally in Mexico, a system condemned by critics as “inhumane.” And these pets have become status symbols for drug-traffickers looking to flaunt their wealth and power.


Big Cats of the Gulf

VICE travels to Kuwait to meet the big cat stars of Instagram and learn about the dangers of animal trafficking—for both the pets and their owners.


The Death of a Romanian Kangaroo

”More and more kangaroos show up in Romania, like we’re turning into Australia,” an animal rights activist said. “Last year, I personally followed a driver who was transporting a kangaroo. Two other kangaroos were attacked and eaten by stray dogs.”