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The War on Drugs Could Be Making Our Communities More Dangerous

The war on drugs has sucked up public safety dollars that might otherwise go towards putting rapists and killers behind bars.


The Cleveland Strangler Is on Death Row, but His Victims' Families Still Suffer

In the final part of the series, host Wilbert L. Cooper meets the victims' families who are continuing to try to make sense of Sowell's crimes and the institutional failures that contributed to them.


We Have Yet to Heal from the Murders of the Cleveland Strangler

There has been no support offered to the families of the 11 black women who were brutally raped and murdered on Imperial Avenue. This says everything you need to know about the role race and class play in the way we view victims.


How Murder Coverage Can Inspire Copycat Killers

By providing lurid details, posting step-by-step ​recaps​, and publishing manifestos that gratify the killer's need for attention, media outlets play a key role in the proliferation of modern copycat killers.


Why the Police Didn't Catch the Cleveland Strangler Sooner

Part three of our series looks into the Cleveland police force's overworked and under-resourced sex crimes department, which contributed to Sowell's ability to prey on vulnerable women for years.


Read These Poems Inspired by the Murders of the Cleveland Strangler

These poems by community worker and artist R. A. Washington explore another side of the deaths investigated in VICE's feature-length documentary, Cleveland Strangler.


How Poverty Leaves People Vulnerable to Horrific Crimes

From the mutilated corpses of the Cleveland Strangler to the castrated cadavers of the Mad Butcher, victims of Northeastern Ohio's most notorious murders have had little agency and even less money.


Life, Death, and Inequality in Cleveland

The Anthony Sowell case was always about more than just a psycho with a penchant for raping and butchering women. But it took me a long time to see it that way.


'The Cleveland Strangler': The Story of a Brutal Serial Killer and His Forgotten Victims

Host Wilbert L. Cooper heads back to his hometown to speak with cops about Anthony Sowell's case, and revisits the horrific evidence of the serial killer's heinous murders.