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Noisey Beats 1: Mannie Fresh, Lil Xan, Phora, and More

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"Bling Bling" Was Just the Best Thing Ever

The song isn't just Lil Wayne's breakout moment; it's also a foundational part of rap itself.


Turk Reflects on Lil Wayne and the Hot Boys

In an interview with A Year of Lil Wayne, the Hot Boy reflects on their classic albums and the need for a Cash Money reunion.


This Is What It Takes to Be a Teen Sensation Like Lil Wayne

It's tempting to compare NBA Youngboy to Lil Wayne, but what exactly are the similarities?


Let This Lil Wayne Attitude Direct Your Saturday

Today's song is "Young Playa" off 'Tha Block Is Hot.'


A Celebration of Lil Wayne's "Way of Life" and His Way of Life

It was the era of peak Nelly and post-Juvenile Cash Money, but Lil Wayne was reeling less than you might think.


It's the Perfect Sunday Night to Listen to Big Tymers' "Sunday Night"

The problem with rap now is that there's not enough bragging about all the stuff in the back seats of rappers' cars.


Here's a Perfect Lil Wayne Song to Play at Your Barbecues

What says "I'm about to grill for 8 hours with my shirt off" better than the duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh synths on "Shine"?


A Year of Lil Wayne: What Was It Like to Discover Wayne in the 90s?

Imagine a time before the word "bling" even existed, when you couldn't just look an unknown rapper up online.


A Year of Lil Wayne: Let's Talk About Rick Ross's Birdman Diss

“I pray you find the kindness in your heart for Wayne / his entire life, he gave you what there was to gain.”


A Year of Lil Wayne: The Big Tymers Had Some Big Tyme Thoughts on the Future of Cash Money Over the Weekend

Birdman: "Me and Wayne will be aight. I’ma make that work. That’s my son and I love him."