Fast Food

Guy Uses Fast Food Biscuit to Catch Massive Goldfish-Like Koi

“I had one Cashion Rod with me, and all I had for bait was a piece of a Lee’s Famous Recipe biscuit."
Jelisa Castrodale

Brits Just Received a Bailout of Biscuits from Dubai

Biscuits are a cornerstone of the British diet but have been very hard to find for residents of the North West of England.
Nick Rose
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These Quick Breads Are Going to Make Your Sunday Morning Magical

Baking yourself a quick batch of vegan blueberry muffins or easy lard biscuits is the perfect edible achievement for a weekend morning.
Sydney Kramer

Britain Is Suffering a Biscuit Shortage and People Are Freaking Out

Due to recent flooding, the United Biscuits factory in Carlisle was forced to close, leading to nationwide shortages of ginger nuts and custard creams.
Phoebe Hurst

Scottish Nationalists Are Boycotting These Tea Cakes

Scottish biscuit manufacturer Tunnock’s felt the wrath of nationalists this week as it emerged that their new advertising campaign refers to the Lanarkshire-produced tea cakes as a “Great British tea cake.”
Phoebe Hurst

These Mince Pies Might Get You Drunk

The Mince Dodger might sound modern (it’s a take on the Jammie Dodger biscuit, of course) but it actually comes from an 1800s recipe. It also involves a lot of brandy.
Gareth May

Your Christmas Cookies Will Taste Better with Coriander

“There’s a sourness to coriander that works really well in sweet stuff,” says American-born baker and owner of London’s Violet Bakery Claire Ptak, as she shows me how to prepare her festive ginger molasses cookies.
Nell Frizzell

A Cracker From the Titanic Was Just Sold For $23,000

A frantic mix of foresight and hunger led to the preservation of what would become the most valuable biscuit that the world has ever seen.
Nick Rose

How 20,000 Cans of Beer Ended Up Printed with the Phrase “Tom Brady Sux”

Between this and that highly unflattering drawing of him in court, Tom Brady is having a crappy week.
Alex Swerdloff
tom brady sux

Indianapolis Brewery has "Tom Brady Sux" on Cans

An Indianapolis brewery snuck a hidden message on the bottom of its beer cans: "Tom Brady Sux."
Sean Newell
VICE Guide to Austin

Randy "Biscuit" Turner

Our old friend Biscuit passed away last year. He was a better person in ten minutes than most are in a lifetime and he remains a hero to anyone who knows anything about Austin. Now go start your own band.
VICE Staff