Blood Sport


Your Yorkie Was a Killing Machine

Many of the pups we now think of as purebreds and watch in the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving actually owe their existence to Victorian England's taste for blood sport.
B. David Zarley

Scottish Nationalists Anger UK PM by Blocking Fox Hunting Vote

The UK government wanted to relax rules on fox hunting in England and Wales, but the Scottish National Party has stopped the ballot, despite claiming they would only vote on issues north of the border.
Megan White

What's Next for the Kickstarter That Got Shut Down for Peddling Blood?

Remember the two guys who invented a machine that sucked blood out of your arm when you lost at a video game? No? Well, I spoke to them about that whole thing.
Joel Golby

Teenage Bullfighters

We went to Merida, on Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, to meet the world's youngest bullfighter, his parents, and his younger brother, who is also on his way to being the best at an old (and questionable) Mexican tradition.
VICE Staff

What’s So Bad About Cockfighting Again?

Obviously, cockfighting is a barbaric blood sport. But is it that big of a problem compared to, say, chicken factory farms? Do we really want to send people to jail for it? And when did America start giving a shit about chickens?
Harry Cheadle

The Honors and Duties of Knighthood at Medieval Times

Blood sport has been an important part of cultures across the globe for centuries. As long as people have been gathering to watch spectacles, those spectacles have included violent displays that tickle the innate human desire to watch things get...
Justin Amirkhani