Boston Celtics


With Anthony Davis, New Orleans Needs to Wait for Boston

The Pelicans have to trade their franchise player. The Celtics want him, and have the best assets, but a CBA rule means they can't offer it until the summer.


Kyrie Irving Roasted About Duke by Children's Hospital Patient

The Boston Celtics guard paid a visit to Boston Children's Hospital, and one kid went in on him about Duke losing to Gonzaga.


Derrick Rose Is Always On Court When Players Suffer Gruesome Leg Injuries

The Minnesota Timberwolves point guard was on the court at the same time Paul George, Gordon Hayward, and Caris LeVert got hurt. Suspicious.


Jayson Tatum is Learning on the Job

The second-year forward leads the Boston Celtics in points, rebounds, free throws, and minutes. But the immediacy of his franchise-altering development is what really matters right now.


The (Relatively) New Lineups We Can’t Wait to See

Here's a look at a few key five-man units that can help define the 2018-19 NBA season.


Does...Does Tristan Thompson Think LeBron is Still on the Cavs?

Thompson said the East still goes through Cleveland because they are the four-time conference champions. Who wants to tell him?


NBA Trade Value Rankings!

Instead of ranking players based on talent alone, we factor in age, contracts, injury history, and long-term potential.


It's OK to Bring Gordon Hayward Off the Bench

Arguably the Boston Celtics' best player, here's why Brad Stevens may want to experiment with a lineup decision that looks pretty controversial.


The Golden State Warriors are the NBA's Last Dynasty

The Warriors have eviscerated hope for the rest of the league. They also will not be around forever. Here's a look ahead at what may happen after they're gone.


Breaking Down the LeBron James Free Agency Sweepstakes

The NBA's best player may change teams this summer. Here's a detailed breakdown of the most likely destinations he's looking at.


LeBron James Has No Rival

After dispatching the Boston Celtics with one of the most remarkable seven-game performances in NBA history, the best player of his generation has still, somehow, yet to peak.


It's Difficult to Process How Good Jayson Tatum Already is

The Boston Celtics rookie is doing things in the NBA playoffs nobody his age ever has before.