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Bowe Bergdahl Will Reportedly Plead Guilty for Deserting His Post

The soldier and 'Serial' subject could spend life behind bars.
Drew Schwartz

No Man Left Behind: What Did Congress Know About the Bowe Bergdahl Prisoner Exchange?

We used the Freedom of Information Act to find out if lawmakers really were in the dark when it came to the Bowe Bergdahl-Taliban Five trade-off.
Jason Leopold
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'Serial' Is Going Biweekly to Allow for Additional Reporting

That means every other week, not twice a week.
River Donaghey

Canadian Captured in Afghanistan Five Years Ago Is Free

"We look forward to Mr. Rutherford being able to return to Canada and reunite with his family and loved ones," said the Canadian foreign affairs minister on Monday.
2015 the year in review

Too Many Secrets: The Fight to Make the US Government More Accountable in 2015

The Obama administration calls itself the most transparent in history — yet remains extraordinarily secretive. Still, this year saw several victories in the fight for greater government transparency.
Jason Leopold
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What to Do About Bowe Bergdahl?

Whether Bowe Bergdahl is a good guy or a bad one, or both, the Pentagon is going to have a hard time figuring out if he should be sentenced to prison as a deserter.
James Weirick
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Bowe Bergdahl Is Going to Face a Court-Martial Trial on Desertion Charges

After a three-month preliminary hearing, desertion and misbehavior charges against the 29-year-old soldier who walked off his Army base in Afghanistan were referred for a full trial.
Liz Fields

Bowe Bergdahl Explains Why He Walked Off His Afghan Military Base in New 'Serial' Podcast

The soldier accused of deserting his unit in Afghanistan in 2009 says he wanted to highlight military leaders' incompetence, and to be a Jason Bourne-type figure, in new season of popular podcast series.
Liz Fields

Surprise! 'Serial' Is Back and Taking You to Afghanistan

Detectives, dust off those armchairs and get your hot takes ready. Sarah Koenig is back.
Beckett Mufson
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The New Season of 'Serial' Started This Morning

It focuses on the story of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, the US soldier who allegedly deserted his post during the Afghanistan War and wound up spending five years in Taliban captivity.
River Donaghey

Bowe Bergdahl's Motion to Expedite Hearing Because of Donald Trump Insults Is Denied

Attorneys for the Army sergeant charged with deserting his base in Afghanistan filed a motion to expedite a hearing to release documents in the case after the GOP frontrunner repeatedly called him a "dirty rotten traitor."
Liz Fields

Bowe Bergdahl Files Appeal to Dismiss General Presiding Over His Pre-Trial Hearing

Gen. Mark Milley's nomination to become the US Army’s next chief of staff creates a conflict of interest in soldier's desertion hearing, according to the soldier's defense team.
Liz Fields