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Le agenzie di spionaggio sono come il porno di una volta

Molte agenzie di spionaggio stanno lentamente cominciando a utilizzare dati in open source.
Jennifer Peters

New Report Offers More Evidence Separatists Used a Russian Missile to Shoot Down MH17

A citizen journalism project claims new photos offer proof that a Buk missile launcher traveled from Russia to separatist-controlled areas in eastern Ukraine.
Alec Luhn
middle east

Video Shows Syrian Rebels Take Down Enemy Tank With a Missile Launcher, Which They Likely Got From the US

A video shows Syrian rebels take down a tank with sophisticated anti-tank equipment, which they probably got as part of a US pilot program.
Alice Speri

Citizen Journalists Are Banding Together to Fact-Check Online News

Eliot Higgins, aka UK blogger Brown Moses, is launching a new site to teach citizen journalists how to use open source tools in investigations.
Joseph Cox

Syria Is Accused of Suffocating Its Citizens with Chlorine Bombs

The US state department believes the Assad regime used a toxic chemical likely to be chlorine in rebel-held Syria earlier this month.

Syria Accused of Swapping Chemical Weapons For 'Barrel Bombs'

Some 2,321 civilians have died in airstrikes in Aleppo since November. Many were killed by inaccurate but highly destructive "barrel bombs."
Alice Speri
war and conflict

Syria Is Using DIY Barrel Bombs Against Its Citizens

These bombs aren't exactly accurate, and the blasts have killed countless civilians.
Oz Katerji

The Syrian Regime Is Using DIY Barrel Bombs Against Its Citizens

With dozens of fatalities attributed to these bombs on a daily basis, the Syrian Air Force seems to have found itself a successful and low-cost tool for causing widespread destruction in opposition-controlled areas. I caught up with munitions expert...
Oz Katerji

A Munitions Expert Weighs in on Last Month's Chemical Attacks in Damascus

Independent munitions expert Eliot Higgins, a.k.a. "Brown Moses," has put forward a particularly convincing case linking the regime to the sarin gas attacks, which corroborates firmly with the information gathered by NGOs and the intelligence agencies...
Oz Katerji