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Colonics Aren’t Cleansing, They’re Dangerous

The belief that the colon needs to be cleansed recurs throughout history, but there's no reliable evidence that colonics have any health benefits, and they do come with risks.


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Advice for in-flight farters.


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The high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet can lead to constipation and diarrhea.


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If you want to jump on the A-train or make your version of anal sex better, consider the following.


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Anthony tells us about how America's obsession with black women's curves is more dangerous than it seems.


How Dirty Is Going Ass to Mouth?

Eating your own poop is shockingly not that bad for you.


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On this episode of THE TRIXIE & KATYA SHOW, the drag duo reviews everything from three-way butt plugs to anal bleaching cream.


The Female Condom Is Ideal For Anal Sex

So why hasn't the FDA approved it?


What It Was Like to Go to the Doctor in 1610

Not unlike seeing an astrologer, really, except when someone leaves the house with poop on a spatula or starts menstruating through her breast.


This Is What Happens When You Flush Things That Shouldn't Be Flushed

Condoms, tampons, and wet wipes belong in the trash can, people.


Madagascar Has a Poop Problem

A London-based startup hopes to lead a lavatorial revolution with an affordable toilet that's wireless, off-grid, and able to charge your phone.


Constipated Man Has 28 Pounds of Feces Surgically Removed

Doctors said he looked 9 months pregnant.