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My Abortion Was the Most Positive Experience I Had with Canadian Healthcare

I had expected the procedure to be fraught with difficulty, given the experiences of many women. I proved to be the exception.
Amy Kenny
9 hours ago

Who Is a Settler, According to Indigenous and Black Scholars

Descendants of slaves don't fit into our common definition of settlers.
Ashleigh-Rae Thomas
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No One Can Stop Assman from Turning His Truck into a Giant Vanity Plate

When the government told David Assman he couldn’t have a vanity license plate with his last name, he responded in the best way.
Mack Lamoureux
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Police Charge 19-Year-Old for Throwing Chairs Off a Toronto High Rise Balcony

A Toronto woman is facing three charges in connection to the viral video.
Mack Lamoureux

I Got Banned from Visiting These Canadian Prisons After Reporting Alleged Abuses

When a journalist’s freedoms are infringed, the primary victims are those whose voices are silenced.
Thomas Rohner

Serial Killer Bruce McArthur’s Sentencing Hearing Begins

Prosecutors warned those in attendance that graphic and gruesome details could affect the well-being of those in the courtroom.
Rachel Browne

Canada Passed Legislation Condemning 'Bird Box'

'Bird Box' used real footage of a recent deadly disaster in Quebec and refused to remove it. Now, Canadian Parliament is demanding they pay.
Taylor Hosking

Doug Ford's Influencer Daughter Promoted Illegal Cannabis Oil on Instagram

It seems Kyla Ford did not listen to her father's public warnings about the sale and promotion of illegal drugs.
Billy Eff

Huawei Exec Has Strong Case Against Extradition Thanks to Trump, Diplomat Says

Canada’s ambassador to China John McCallum says Meng Wanzhou can use Donald Trump’s political involvement in her case to fight extradition, along with two other legal arguments.
Tamara Khandaker
sex work

How Sex Work Helped This Cam Girl Launch Her Music Career

As Cortana Blue, she’s a top-ranking camgirl. As Laika, she’s a synth-pop artist carving out more space for sex workers in mainstream culture.
Brad Garcia

An Interview with Abu Huzaifa, Canadian ISIS Fighter

“I guess the title of having been a Mujahideen,” said Abu Huzaifa al-Kanadi, the infamous ISIS fighter at the center of the “Caliphate” podcast, “it's just not something you want to give up so easily.”
Ben Makuch

The Vancouver Couple Bringing Japanese Bondage to Art Classes

This kinbaku dojo teaches rope tying, hosts life drawing nights, and sparks conversation around consent.
Michelle Gamage