Trump's Wall Could Just Cause Mexican Cartels to Make Better Weed

Since the advent of legal weed, traffic across the US-Mexico border is no longer one-way.
Deborah Bonello
15 hours ago

Weed May Play a Role in Weight Loss

Studies have shown that cannabis users are less obese than nonusers. Scientists are trying to figure out why.
Matt Strauss
3 days ago

It's a Really Good Time to Be a Weed Smuggler

Legalizing marijuana has hurt the black market within those states—but opened up more possibilities for cross-state smugglers.
Hayley Fox
3 days ago
2018 election

Everybody Loves Weed, Midterms Suggest

During a bitterly divided election, red states and blue states both embraced cannabis measures.
Eve Peyser
Medicinal Cannabis

Now That Medical Cannabis Is Legal in the UK, What's Next?

A new study also reveals widespread support for the further relaxation of cannabis laws.
Mattha Busby

Sadly, There Are No 'Free Weed' Garbage Bins at Toronto's Airport

At the end of the day though, cannabis disposal containers are some of the only places in Ontario that actually have weed.
Mack Lamoureux

Canadian Man Goes on Hunger Strike Because He Can't Get Medical Organic Weed

How do you deal with the munchies on a hunger strike?
Mack Lamoureux
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Watch a Utah Lawmaker Try Weed for the First Time in a Parking Lot

Ahead of a vote to legalize medical weed in Utah, Jim Dabakis wanted to show his colleagues that getting stoned isn't that big of a deal.
Drew Schwartz

South Korea Warns Citizens Not to Smoke Weed in Canada

South Koreans have to follow the law of their home country when abroad and that means no cannabis.
Mack Lamoureux

How Women Are Making Their Mark in the Legal Weed Industry

At a recent event in England, women celebrated their role in the world of CBD.
Lucy Mansfield

Canada Is Already Experiencing Cannabis Shortages

The first day of legalization saw both brick and mortar and online stores selling out quick as Canadians tried to get their hands on legal bud.
Mack Lamoureux

Canada Has Legalized Weed. Now What?

A note from VICE Canada’s editor on Legalization Day.
Josh Visser