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Ariana Grande's Cinderella Ballads and 8 Other Albums for Heavy Rotation

This week's sickest new releases include scabbed-over noise, experimental electronics, and mystic folk songs.
Noisey Staff

The Walmart Mysticism of Cass McCombs

With an apocalyptic hum, the songwriter tells stories of solipsists and idealists on his new record 'Tip of the Sphere.'
Alex Robert Ross
New music

Cass McCombs Announces New LP with Masterful Single "Sleeping Volcanoes"

McCombs' ninth LP, 'Tip of the Sphere,' is out via ANTI- on February 8.
Alex Robert Ross
The Music Issue

This Is the Last Interview Cass McCombs Says He'll Ever Do

When Cass McCombs gets personal, you know it's what he really feels.
Andy Capper
stream of the crop

Stream of the Crop: 9 New Albums for Heavy Rotation

This week's been a microcosm of 2016.
Alex Robert Ross

Cass McCombs and the Cosmos

We meet up with the mystery that is Mr. McCombs to talk Bush, Obama, Trump, and Malcolm X. Plus the importance of taking psychedelics to fully understand your place in the universe.
Andy Capper
Holy Shit

Cass McCombs Revisits 60s San Francisco in the Video for "I Cannot Lie"

The video features footage from the 2005 documentary 'Following Sean.'
Bryn Lovitt
The Holding Court Issue


Singer-songwriter Cass McCombs wrote this powerful poem for The Holding Court Issue, with an illustration by Albert Herter.
Cass McCombs

I Went to Basilica Soundscape and the Cops Thought I Was a Corpse

This fest was more than just a "Pitchfork goth forest nymph camping adventure." It was a chance for artists to collaborate in unique ways; it was a chance to get arrested.
Chuck Squaregood

Guitar Moves - Cass McCombs

In the tenth episode of Guitar Moves, Matt Sweeney meets singer-songwriter Cass McCombs, who simply can't discount the value of his two thumbs.
Matt Sweeney
vice meets

Karen Black

We were excited when Karen invited us to her home in LA for tea and a nice long chat about the art of acting, why she regrets starring in horror films, and her recent musical collaborations with Cass McCombs.
Jason Mojica
The Down & Out Issue

Aids In Africa

Cass McCombs forgets to ponder aids in Africa.
Jeff Johnson