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Turning Point USA Chapter President Booted After Declaring "White Power" in Viral Video

In the video, the student, identified as Riley Grisar, hugs a woman in bed while making the “OK sign” with his hand and says “white power.”


Leaked chats show white nationalist group’s plot to infiltrate Turning Point USA

The leaks revealed the group’s long-term strategy to gain a foothold in more mainstream, student GOP organizations.


Noisey Power Rankings: October 22 - 26

Two different guys named Liam had good weeks but we are sad to report that Mygynyn Kyllyy dropped way down.


TPUSA Is a Safe Space for the Worst of Campus Conservatism

Right-leaning students can do much, much better.


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When Your Tweet About Drowning Republicans Ends Up on 'FOX & Friends'

"I maybe did not turn the most delicate phrase when I said that conservative students should be drowned."


Meet the Conservative Student Activists in the Most Liberal State in America

Demographic data, surveys, and polls all suggest that college students in Massachusetts should be overwhelmingly liberal. So what is it that’s energizing a passionate group of young conservatives in the state?