Weed Legalization Is Tearing This Neighborhood Apart

A diverse, working-class neighborhood in Boston is one front in the larger war over what recreational pot looks like, and who profits.
Ankita Rao
Champions League

Lionel Messi Nutmegs Chelsea Keeper Within Two Minutes of Match Start

Messi's Champions League curse is certainly lifted.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Garage Magazine

Our Cartoonist Went to Chelsea and All We Got Were these Brilliant Cartoons

Last Thursday was back-to-school night for the New York art world. Liana Finck braved the amped-up crowds and calescent galleries to catch up with an assembly of old stagers and gussied-up new kids.
Liana Finck
Garage Magazine

Finck Different

"How's this for meta?" Illustrator Liana Finck views the viewers at last Thursday night's gallery openings in Chelsea.
Liana Finck

The Big Six EPL Teams Want To Take Money From The Bottom 14

The Big Six think they deserve a bigger share of the international TV revenue, but it's a shortsighted ploy that might backfire.
Aaron Gordon
FA cup

Arsenal Go Up Early in FA Cup Final on Controversial Goal

There was an issue with interference of play by an offside man.
Liam Daniel Pierce
FA cup

Dele Alli Capitalizes On a Gorgeous Ball in Actually Exciting FA Cup Match

Thank you, FA Cup. You are doing wonders today.
Liam Daniel Pierce
joel golby and other less famous writers

We Asked the VICE Staff About Their Worst Soccer Fan Experiences

A selection of embittered VICE staff relive some absolutely shite days out at football grounds.
VICE Staff
new york art week

From Giant Babies to Punk Abe Lincoln, Highlights from SCOPE New York Art Fair

Get an inside look at works from 60 international galleries at the 17th edition of Scope's New York Art Fair.
Nathaniel Ainley
the league cup: not actually a complete waste of time

Exploring Jose Mourinho’s Special Relationship With The League Cup

While other managers tend to neglect England’s third most prestigious domestic competition, the Special One respects its prosaic power. What’s more, it usually serves him well in return.
Will Magee
premier league

Eden Hazard Scores After Casual Half-Field Stroll Through Arsenal

It just feels like the kind of day to go out, take your pet ball for a walk, greet your neighbors, be affable, and score a goal.
Liam Daniel Pierce

​The UK Soccer Child Sexual Abuse Scandal, Explained

With 248 clubs and more than 500 potential victims so far, this scandal will rock soccer in the UK to its foundation.
Brian Blickenstaff