Heartbreaking photos show fiery destruction of Notre Dame cathedral

Parts of Notre Dame that had survived centuries of wars and revolutions caved to a massive fire Monday evening.


Nipsey Hussle's Memorial Was a Celebration of African Spirituality

During the memorial service for Eritrean-American rapper Nipsey Hussle, his mother Angelique Smith emphasized how her spirituality helps her deal with grief.


The 'Amazing Grace' of Aretha Franklin

After being buried for over 40 years, footage of Aretha Franklin’s iconic church performance, which would become one of the highest-selling gospel albums in history, finally comes to light.


Man Charged With Attempted Murder in Antarctica Was Detained in This Church for 10 Days

Motherboard has learned that after Sergei Savitsky stabbed a worker at a Russian Antarctic research station, he was detained in an Orthodox church for 10 days before returning to Russia.


Why Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Is So Hard to Stop

The latest horrific report came from Pennsylvania, but it won't be the last one, thanks in part to an insane lobby standing in the way.


Inside the 'Church' Devoted to Argentina’s Favorite Soccer Player

Diego Armando Maradona is one of the best soccer players of all time. And for many fans, he’s a god.


Pope Francis finally convinced the Catholic Church that the death penalty is wrong

“The death penalty is inadmissible because it is an attack on the inviolability and dignity of the person.”


Terrible Tales of a Lizard-Smoking, Blood-Drinking Satanic Cult

In a town with a reputation for religiousness, a group of Satan worshippers are among the faithful.


Christian Swingers Explain How They Balance God and Lots of Kinky Sex

"People have the right to judge, but that’s them, that’s not God."


Becoming a Believer at Beyoncé Mass

At Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, Beyoncé Mass includes everything from a choir's rendition of "Survivor" to sermons inspired by Queen Bey's lyrics.


This Joel Osteen Impersonator Conned His Way into a Massive Church Event

VICE went to LA to meet Michael Klimkowski, a struggling comedian who made headlines with his spot-on impersonation of the televangelist.