3 days ago

Looking for CIA Agents? Try Coffee Shops and Diners

"Restaurants and cafés are in many ways the lifeblood of espionage," a former spy told NPR's The Salt.


Canada Says Its Spy Screwed Us

CYBER tells the story of a spy caught selling secrets to a shady cellphone company connected to cartels.


The US Government Is Suing Edward Snowden

Snowden published his memoir, "Permanent Record," and the US government doesn't want him to make any money off of it.


Iran Says It's Arrested 17 U.S. "Spies" and Sentenced Some to Death

President Trump dismissed it as “just more lies and propaganda.”


How Palantir's Spy Tool for Cops Works

On this week’s CYBER, we map out how the secretive Silicon Valley company influences the very technological landscape of the modern world.


Kim Jong Un’s Half-Brother Was Reportedly a CIA Informant

Kim Jong Nam was assassinated on his way back from meeting with a CIA agent.


The CIA Will Use its New Dark Web Site to Collect Anonymous Tips

The intelligence agency is stoked about its new Onion site on the dark web: "Our onion site is one of several ways individuals can contact the CIA."


Edward Snowden Explains Why the CIA Just Made an Instagram

"They get Twitter accounts. Instagram accounts (with) puppies and everything like that, because they want to be friendly. They want to be on your side."


Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro really wants to be Trump’s super best friend

“We want to have a great Brazil, just like Trump wants to have a great America.”


The CIA Is Live-Tweeting the Oscars for Some Reason

Your tax dollars at work!


Saudi prince threatened to use “a bullet” on Khashoggi a year before he was murdered, report says

A U.N. investigator added that the Saudi government ordered the killing, then blocked the Turkish investigation into the death.


Two Men Arrested in Café for Allegedly Impersonating FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security

When the manager told them that dogs weren’t allowed, the pair claimed to be FBI agents.